What types of odds should you not bet on at the bookmaker today?

Online soccer betting has many different kinds of bets, but not all will deliver high winning odds to players. Players should quit betting on some types of bets at the house today to avoid wasting money. What types of bets should not be bet? Explore with 188JILI in the blog post below!

What are the odds you should not bet on?

In sports betting, specifically Football betting, the house offers players many different types of bets. There are basic bets that most players bet on, such as Asian odds, European odds, and Over/Under odds… Besides, there are secondary bets such as corner kicks bets, penalty card bets or bets. Throw-in… Therefore, some members of the bookmaker will be able to lay many different types of bets.

Each type of bet will match a different payout rate, so not every kind will allow players to win.

A type of bet that should not be bet will typically have the following characteristics:

  • The reward is relatively high, several times higher than the bet if you win.
  • Big odds of losing bets.
  • There needs to be more basis to forecast the result of this type of bet.
  • Usually in the betting subgroup.

What types of bets should you not bet on today?

First and last goal bets

The first and last goal bet will be a bet that requires the gamer to forecast which team will score the first and last goal against the opponent during the match. If you are not an expert, avoid this type of bet. Because it is impossible to forecast who will score the first goal.

Throw-in bet

Throw-in is an action that is fulfilled a lot throughout the match. It is challenging for viewers, as well as players or referees, to grasp their actual numbers. Therefore, this will be one of the types of bets that should not be bet when participating in football betting.

Identify some odds that you should not bet on

Moreover, there are types of bets that you should not bet on when participating in football betting if you are a new player. There are also odds that you need to avoid falling into traps from the house, such as:

The odds have a big difference

Usually, matches without a significant difference between the two teams will be easier to predict and bet on than matches with a significant difference between the two teams.

Trapped Betting

The odds that players should not bet on are the odds the bookmaker uses to trap players into losing money. The sign to recognise which types of bets you should not bet on is that the reward level continuously changes in an increasing direction. In fact, this is not a form of fraud but simply a trap set by the house so that players lose money but cannot complain.

The odds have a big difference.

Usually, matches with little difference in strength between teams will be easier to bet on than the remaining matches. And, of course, you should play in big tournaments where there is little manipulation and the bets are always fair.


Players must bet wisely on high winning odds and refrain from betting on fake bets from the house to preserve their capital. This can also refer to how to control capital in soccer betting. Bet to get the best way to play at online bookmakers.

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